AC Induction Motor Series
• The exterior features a protective textured powder coating.
• The entire series of gearbox products adopts aluminum alloy die-cast housing and bearing-fixed end cover, reinforcing the load-bearing structure of the gear system.
• Improved motor and gearbox coupling method to prevent easy separation and locking issues during customer installation, reducing the occurrence of gear damage.
• Enhanced motor characteristics with optimal temperature rise performance.
• Terminal box lowered in height, enlarged internal space, facilitating wiring with the flexibility to exit in any of the four directions.
AC Induction Motor-N Series
• Available in Single-phase AC induction motor and Three-phase AC induction motor.
• Three-phase AC induction motor don't need a capacitor, can easily be operated from an three-phase power supply.
• Single-phase AC induction motor can be operated by simply connecting it to a single-phase power supply through the use of a start capacitor.
• Motor output power:25W(1/30Hp)、40W(1/19Hp)、60W(1/12Hp)、90W(1/8Hp).
• Can be used to Uni-directional continuous operation and time rating.
• Can't make a quick-reversal run because of the torque acting in the opposite direction About 30~40 overrun as stopping.

AC Reversible Motor-N Series
• Only single-phase AC motor models.
• Can be operated simply by connecting it to a single-phase power supply through the use of the start capacitor.
• Motor output power:25W(1/30Hp)、40W(1/19Hp)、 60W(1/12Hp)、90W(1/8Hp).
• Can be used for instant switching of rotational direction.
• The reversible motor is about 30-minute rating when you run the motor alone.
• Built-in simple friction brake unit for auxiliary stop and positive reversal can't be used for positioning and holding. About 4~6 overrun as stopping.
AC Speed Control Motor-N Series
• Only Single-phase motor models. There are two models : AC Induction Motor and AC Reversible Motor for different applications.
• Motor output power:25W(1/30Hp)、40W(1/19Hp)、60W(1/12Hp)、90W(1/8Hp).
• Speed control range: 90-1600 rpm (60Hz), 90-1400 rpm (50Hz).
• Various functions such as variable speed, braking, cw/ccw run, soft-start/soft-stop and electro-gear ratio setting are available. The functions vary depending on the controller type.
• The motor must be used with the speed controller. There are TU, TS, TE three series available.
AC Torque Motor-N Series
• Only Single-phase motor models.
• Motor output power:3W(1/250Hp)、10W(1/75Hp)、20W(1/37Hp)、40W(1/19Hp).
• Torque motors have a sloping characteristics, allowing easy speed control simply by changing the voltage supplied to the motor.
• Torque motors can also generate a braking force when rotated in the opposite direction to the motor by an external force.
• Suitable for tension or torque control. Can be applied to winding or pressing operation.
• Can be used with TP5F series controller. Achieve precise tension or torque control.
AC Electromagnetic Brake Motor-N Series
• Available in Single-phase AC induction motor and Three-phase AC induction motor.
• Power-off action type electromagnetic brake. Applied in safety brake applications.
• Brake frequency is below 50 times/mine. used with TB series controller.
• The motor alone has an overrun of about 2~3 when stopping. When used with the TB series controller, the overrun can be reduced to up to 0.5.
AC Brake Controller-Catalog
AC Brake Controller
• Is an electronic brake controller that can provide brake current to the AC induction motor for positioning control.
• Supports motors with 6W(1/125Hp)、25W(1/30Hp)、40W(1/19Hp) 60W(1/12Hp)、90W(1/8Hp)、135W(1/6Hp) (Different depending on the controller).
• There are three models:
 o TB50 can be used with AC reversible motor or AC electromagnetic brake motor.
 o TB32-IN be used with AC reversible motor or AC induction motor.
 o TB32S-IN can be used with AC three-phase induction motor.
• Used with TB series controller positioning control can be achieved 0.5 overrun as stopping.
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