Controller Series
P502S (Communicated type of stepper motor biaxial programmable controller)
P502S (Communicated type of stepper motor biaxial programmable controller)
• Multi-axis positioning control can be controlled by stepper motor or servo motor through Network Communication.
• Communication specification:T-net protocol (compatible with ModBus RTU)、RS-485 communication interface.
• Functional features:Single axis independent / dual axis synchronous、Absolute / Relative coordinates positioning、8 Groups X 100 steps position data memory capacity、Maximum pulse speed up to 4.9Mpps、Built-in limit sensing I/O、Acceleration/deceleration curve planning.
• Operation mode:INDEX(Positioning operation)、SCAN(Continuous operation)、HOME(Return to origin operation).
• Data setting method:Connect PC by mini USB、Connected to the host controller by the communication port.
• Power supply using DC24V.

TSP-2000S  (Pulse Controller-Simple Type) Catalog
TSP-2000S (Simple board Type)
• Functional features:Maximum Pulse speed up to 2 kpps, Maximum Pulse count 9999, I/O function such as START/STOP/SCAN/BUSY/READY.
• Operation mode:INDEX (Positioning operation), SCAN (Continuous operation).
• Setting method:Pulse count via internal/external digital switch、Pulse speed/pulse width is adjusted via VR in the board.
• Power supply using DC5~24V.
• Applicable to : Low speed, Simple positioning, Repeating the same positioning, etc.
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