Gearbox Series
Right Angle Gearbox Catalog
Right Angle Gearbox (V series)
• Adopt spiral bevel gear and symmetrical transmission structure to increase load strength and efficiency.
• Right angle installation can save space.
• Installation size:□90mm (3.54 in)
• Transfer method:Single side shaft type, Double side shaft type, Hollow shaft type (The inner hole has keyway design).
• Reduction ratio: 7.5~360 (21 kinds), Transmission efficiency range is 70%~90%.
• Matchable motor series:AC Induction Motor、Brushless DC Motor、Stepper Motor
• Applicable to:Automatic guided vehicle、Synchronous conveyor、Indexing、Mixing、Door shaft drive, etc.
Planetary Gearbox Catalog
Planetary Gearbox (P series)
• H-series Precision type / G-series Standard type : have integrated and inner ring gear design of the body, improve the gear meshing accuracy and structural strength.
• Integrated design of output shaft and planetary carrier to increase the maximum allowable torque and efficiency of the reducer.
• The gears are made by high toughness, high strength SCM alloy steel. And use heat-treated skiving process to improve accuracy.
• The sun gear adopts input shaft bore mode and clamped to the motor shaft.
• Installation size:□60mm (2.36 in), □90mm(3.54 in), □120mm(4.72 in), □142mm(5.59 in)
• Reduction ratio:3~100 (17 kinds), Transmission efficiency is 93%~96%.
• Provide Multi-model motor mounting surface, can match with different brands of servo motors, stepper motors, brushless motors.
Parallel Gearbox
Parallel Gearbox ( F series)
• Use side-by-side large modulus gear transmission structure design to increase load strength and efficiency.
• Have flat housing, hollow shaft and simplified coupling mechanism for space saving.
• Installation size:□90mm (3.54 in)
• Transfer method:Hollow type (The inner hole has a keyway design).
• Reduction ratio:5~100 (12 kinds), Transmission efficiency is 50%~80%.
• Matchable motor series:Brushless DC Motor.
• Applicable to:Automatic guided vehicle、Conveyor、Can replace the chain, Belt drive mechanism, etc.

Special models:9F1G series
• Use side-by-side large modulus gear transmission structure design to increase load strength and efficiency.
• Specially designed to replace indirect transmissions, such as belts, chains, and gears.
• Transmission efficiency up to 95%.
• Transfer method:Hollow shaft type (The inner hole has a keyway design)
• Input shaft bore has three sizes:ø18mm、ø15mm、ø12mm
• Mounting surface size P.C.D. ø104mm.
• Reduction ratio : 1:1
• Matchable motor series: Combination □90mm(□3.54 in) type reducer AC induction motor, DC brushless motor, stepper motor, etc.

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