T-net Series
BU Driver

BU Driver

• Control panel mounting type. Advanced DC Brushless Motor for AC Single-phase and Three-phase power supply series.
• Speed adjustment range:250~4000 RPM.
• Compatible to Modbus RTU communication protocol, RS-485 interface with RJ45 cable to control different machines in series to simplify wiring.
• Digital display and shuttle knob operation interface. 7 kinds of LED situation color display can intuitively observe the operating state of the motor and driver.
• It can be controlled by 3 modes, i.e. [Communication Mode],[Panel Mode] and [I/O Mode].
• Multiple function parameters are available for selection and application (like operation movement control, I/O configuration, 8 stage speed set, monitor status…ect.)and also have system abnormal protection function.
• Have speed tracking compensation function. Low speed variation rate and High response characteristics. Same output torque in rated speed range.
DC Brushless Motor (BU/SBU Series) Catalog (6.3 MB)
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