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Signal Interface Converter (P2L)
Signal Interface Converter (P2L)
• Converter between photo coupler and line driver interface.
• Enhance the resistance of noise interference with Line drive circuit.
• One module has two input ports and two outputs ports.
• Dedicated for drives or controllers with Line drive input circuit.
• Power supply: DC24V / 0.1A(Min.).
Extension Cable Catalog Download
Extension Cable (CB Series)
• Applied to TROY brushless motor full series, as an extension of the drive and motor connection distance.
• The longest distance can be extended by 10m.
• The inner materials made by UL 2464, which has certificated specification.
• The covering layer is made by flexible, oil-proof and rubber material.
• Use Composite multi-wire cable to shielding noise.
• There are two types : Standard CB-XXX and flex resistant CB-XXXF.
• Length specification:1m、2m、3m、5m、7m、10m.
D/A Switching Adapter-TRDAC Catalog Download
D/A Switching Adapter-TRDAC
• Converter for digital signal to analog voltage.
• Input signal:8-bit digital signal ( 00~FF Hex).
• Output voltage:0~4.93V (Can set 256-stage voltage output).
• Power supply:DC24V / 0.1A(Min.).
• Digitization of adjusting motor speed, can replace the manual speed adjustment of variable resistor.
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